Virtual Employee In/Out Boards

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Do You Know Where Your Staff Is?

Remember the old wall-mounted magnetic employee In Out Board by the door, where you moved your marker to indicate whether you were in or out? This web-based employee In Out board allows employees to update the board from their desk or virtual office. All you need is a web browser and internet connection. The board's address is kept private with only your employees having access to the information. The result is that your staff can quickly identify who is in and who is out!

We Have a Solution For You

Use our server to run your Lund & Lund In Out Board and never worry about:

  • Installing software
  • Upgrading to new versions as they are released

Sample Admin Screen

Customize Your In Out Board

Your In Out board includes an on-line administration module where you can:
  • Include your own logo
  • Customize your color combinations
  • Customize your column titles
  • Customize your date's appearance
  • Maintain your employee list
  • Advanced options such as rewrite the HTML template for those people who must tweak!