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Modern Technology with Old Fashioned Values

About Chuck and Shirley Lund

From their one hundred fifty year old home in Otsego, Michigan, Chuck and Shirley Lund create some pretty modern Internet web sites that have old-fashioned personalities. An important goal for them has been to challenge the impersonal nature of the World Wide Web.

Focusing on small businesses and their unique needs, Chuck and Shirley's web page design philosophies are simple: strive to make the site friendly, attractive, informative, and accessible to the greatest number of users possible.

The Lund & Lund business approach is just as simple… old fashioned personal attention. They take the time to get to know their customer's likes and dislikes, web site objectives, business and customers, and then design a customized site to meet those needs. They also believe that each site should have a unique look and feel. "We never use canned formats. Each customer is special and we try to reflect that in their web site," says Shirley.

Chuck and Shirley often advise their customers to provide photographs of the people on their staff and interesting stories about their business' history… to add that personal touch.

"'A picture is worth a 1000 words' - an old cliche but still a valid one," claims Chuck (who's also the company digital photographer). "We include as many photos as possible in our site designs. This allows customers to quickly become familiar with a business. It can also make a store just a little easier to find if a new customer has seen a picture of it."

"But typical web surfers will wait only a few seconds before abandoning a slow loading site. We believe that once they have found a site, it is our job to keep them there, so we closely control the quantity and size of all the pictures and graphics used on a page."

In addition to controlling download time, they also test their sites on the most common browsers to assure the site's view ability and consistent appearance. And it means limiting the length of a page to avoid long scrolls. They also avoid the use of uncommon plug-ins, Java scripts and frames, which many users do not have installed and which cause problems on many computers. And, they maximize site accessibility for the visually impaired.

Shirley has been in the desktop publishing business for nearly 20 years. Her college degree is in elementary education, with a minor in business communications. She still trains individuals and business in many common computer applications, including web design. Chuck is an aerospace engineer at Parker Abex, in Kalamazoo, and the leader of the Otsego Jazz Ensemble.

The Lunds have been in business since 1994 and have developed unique sites for businesses in many states, helping to sell such items as insurance, gemstones, jewelry, truck campers, domain names, fudge, aprons, and bridal services; and they have created several informational sites, such as the City of Otsego, Otsego Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Allegan County, and the City of Holland's Leisure and Cultural Services.